The rabbi, the priest and the imam receive a message from God. He’s had enough of mankind’s sins, and intends to punish them with a flood, more lethal than Noah’s. The priest goes to his people, reports the message, and asks them to repent, confiding in Jesus for their admission to heaven. The imam goes to his people, reports the message and tells them to accept the will of Allah. The rabbi goes to his people and says, “Jews, we have a few days to learn how to live under water.”

In 2018 Beit Venezia invited six international artists to Venice, a uniquely inspiring but also fragile city, to provide a Jewish creative response to the most severe challenge facing humankind today: climate change.

The residency focused on production, experience, critical discourse, networking, and participation with the local community. Using contemporary essays by both biblical and environmental scholars, the artists explored the role of climate change as it relates to Venice, to Jewish history and to the artist’s country of origin and country of residence.

Participating artists:

Andi Arnovitz (lead artist), Lynne Avadenka, Meydad Eliyahu, Ken Goldman, Tobia Rava, Leora Wise.

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Download the free digital Zine created for the project.

In partnership with Hazon.