Beit Makhshava

Beit Makhshava is a project of intellectual encounters, exploring ways in which the Jewish intellectual tradition may offer methods and resources for intellectual engagement on matters of public concern in Europe. Beit Makhshava’s encounters are based on conversation and discussion, with and around Talmudic texts. In 2017, the first of three years of partnership between Beit Venezia and Beit Makhshava, the very notion of public intellectual engagement or activism, was discussed in a 4-day seminar held in Venice. What action can thinking take in an age of collapsing truths? What kind of public sphere can it hope to engage and shape? What is the place of critical thinking and texts in a world grappling with post-truth politics and the demise of master narratives? In 2018 the theme under scrutiny is that of environmentalism.