Foundry Project

One of our flagship activities for 2018-2020, the Foundry Project is an umbrella initiative aimed at Jewish artists and scholars. It includes:

  • The Napoleone Jesurum Residency, honoring the memory of Beit Venezia’s first President and inviting a writer to live in Venice and write about the Ghetto.
  • The Giovannina Sullam Reinisch Residency, honoring the memory of our founding donor, invites artists to design two new Jewish publications: the project on Jewish ecologies Living Under Water (in 2018/5779) and a new Megillat Esther (in 2020/5780)
  • A collaboration with musician and composer Frank London who will record the New Ghetto Songs album, with original music inspired by the Jewish musical heritage of Venice
  • An ongoing partnership with Beit Makhshava, hosting Jewish scholars discussing traditional texts from a contemporary perspective.