Foundry Project


During the 2018-2020 period, the Foundry Project expands our core activities, promoting and disseminating Jewish culture for a general audience, supporting community building, and inviting Jewish artists and scholars to generate new work. Our flagship programs are:

The Napoleone Jesurum Residency, honoring the memory of Beit Venezia’s first President and inviting a writer to live in Venice and write about the Ghetto.

The Giovannina Sullam Reinisch Residency, honoring the memory of our founding donor, invites artists to design two new Jewish publications: the project on Jewish ecologies Living Under Water (in 2018/5779) and a new Megillat Esther (in 2020/5780)

We continue our popular classes on Biblical Hebrew for a general audience meeting in the Ghetto.

We will organize international symposia on Philo of Alexandria, on the Jewish musical heritage in Venice, and continue our partnership with Beit Makhshava, hosting Jewish scholars discussing traditional texts from a contemporary perspective.

Jewish and Israeli film festival connected to a lecture series on related Jewish topics.

Musician and composer Frank London willl finalize his New Ghetto Songs project, with original music inspired by the Jewish musical heritage of Venice.